Gucci’s Just-Debuted Pre-Fall 2016 Replica Bags are Equal Parts Tradition and Invention


Considering the relatively short amount of time Alessandro Michele has been at Gucci’s creative helm, it’s incredible how quickly he has built a new creative world for the the brand. Like Michele’s collections before it, Gucci Pre-Fall 2016 is rooted in Gucci’s long leather goods heritage, but it’s a lot more fun, youthful and energetic than “heritage” usually implies in fashion.


In addition to Gucci’s presentation late last week, the brand also released an extensive lookbook of the collection, which gives us the best look at its upcoming replica handbags. The bags continue on the foundation Michele has built, with traditional shapes and structures spun out in seemingly endless variation with appliqués, embroidery, beading and colorblocking.


Check out the replica bags from the lookbook below; you can expect to see them arriving in stores this spring. You can also shop Gucci’s current collection via

Gucci Replica Handbags Takes the ‘Peacocking’ Concept to Another Level in its Spring Campaign

Photo: Glen Luchford for Gucci Replica

Whether or not you’re on board with the eccentric direction that Gucci replica has moved toward since Alessandro Michele took over the label in 2015, the Italian house is settling into its new aesthetic — one that’s largely inspired by wanderlust, decadence, whimsy and all things vintage. In the seasons since Michele became creative director, British photographer Glen Luchford has become the go-to guy for the brand’s ad campaigns, and has fully transitioned Gucci’s imagery from the sexy, high-gloss photos Tom Ford ushered in, to more intimate, cinematic captures of cool city kids just hanging out (if looking slightly limp).


This trend continues for the just-released spring 2016 campaign, which stars a crew of young, hip models — Polina Oganicheva, Peyton Knight, Elizabeth Moore and Jacob Hugo Goldhoorn among them — posing in and around Berlin: on a rooftop during the magic hour, a bus stop (again!) and even a public restroom. The collection’s heavily adorned gucci replica handbags and buzzy, big-selling footwear take center stage, as do a number of standout runway looks, including an intarsia fur coat, an emerald green brocade suit and patterned bomber jackets. Yes, there’s a lot to take in clothing-wise (this is a classic case of the clothes wearing the models, instead of the other way around), but there’s one accessory that really caught our attention: an actual peacock, used as a prop in two of the photos. That, and a skateboard, since skating is enjoying a renaissance of sorts right now.

A shot from the Gucci replica spring 2016 ad campaign. Photo: Glen Luchford for Gucci

Street style stars have flocked to replica Gucci over the past year to achieve their Fashion Month “peacocking” moments, but we’ve never seen this phenomenon taken quite so literally. Sure, it’s meant to be surreal, but we wouldn’t put it past a very dedicated fashion blogger to try and make a similar look happen come February.