Gucci replica handbags are flying off the shelves, with sales rising by 7pc


French luxury group Kering’s flagship replica Gucci brand has seen strong sales growth since March and expects to be able to grow more than twice as fast as the wider luxury market over the medium term, the company said.”In March, we saw very strong growth in products sold at their full price, including handbags, and this trend has increased in April and May,” said new replica Gucci CEO Marco Bizarri in London last week.Bizarri, the former head of handbag maker Bottega Veneta, was put in charge of Gucci replica handbags in early 2015 and pushed through a style overhaul under designer Alessandro Michele, which has ended two years of falling sales.

Gucci believes that over the medium term its new image will allow it to grow more than twice as fast as the luxury market, which Bain & Co expects will grow by 2pc to 3pc.In slides released on Friday, Gucci also said it was targeting €6bn in sales over the long term, compared with €3.89bn last year.Bizarri said sales in renovated stores had seen double-digit growth since March. He said demand growth was very strong in Europe, the US and China and sales in its Paris stores were up 10pc since January, despite the November attacks that scared off some tourists.

Sales of handbags replica at full price are up 7pc since January, ready-to-wear sales are up 66pc and shoes sales are up 46pc, according to figures released at an investor day on Friday.Bizarri said that Gucci wants to attract new clients, notably the fickle and ultra-connected ‘millennials’, and has broadened its range with entry-level leather goods, jewellery and scarves.

Gucci Launches a DIY Service to Customize Its Famous Dionysus Purse


Gucci’s replica handbags ready-to-wear is drool-worthy, for sure, but it’s the accessories that have turned us from sane, functioning adults to crazy bag (and loafer) ladies. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Alessandro Michele, the current Gucci creative director and former head accessories designer. When he presented his debut fall 2015 collection, he did so with a whole new range of accessories, including an introduction to the soon-to-be (if not already) classic Dionysus handbag replica. This masterpiece serves as a time warp between the past and the future, capturing the brand’s heritage with the iconic double-G “Supreme” monogram, but with a modern touch (an indicator of Gucci’s new direction with Michele at the helm) through hand-painted florals and whimsical embroidered patches.

Boxy in shape with a slim build, complete with a double tiger head-ended horseshoe closure (a reference to the Greek god Dionysus, btw, who transformed into a tiger to carry a nymph across the river), the Dionysus has been reinvented multiple times over since its debut

Now, Michele has taken it one step further with the launch of a DIY service, in which die-hard Gucci outlet fans (cough, us) can personalize their Dionysus purses (only large and medium) with a buffet of embroidered patches (including but not limited to: butterflies, bees, dragonflies, snakes, and peonies), trims, hardware, and monogrammed initials gucci replica handbags (with the option to bling them out with Swarovski crystals). It falls right in line with Michele’s design philosophy, which is “that the way you dress is how you feel, and that men and women should feel authentic and free in the expression of themselves.”

With endless combos, placements, and possibilities, it’d be hard not to express yourself. The do-it-yourself attitude is also a nod to punk, a sub-culture that stems from freedom of expression. As of now, the service is only available at the brand’s flagship store in Milan on Via Montenapoleone, but it will be rolled out to major cities around the bags replica world (and fingers crossed, hopefully online). Eventually, you’ll also be able to happily customize Gucci’s Ace sneakers, the loafer slippers, and ready-to-wear pieces for men and women.

Ugh, we can’t wait. If you happen to be in Milan (lucky!), stop by the Gucci flagship store to personalize your Dionysus purse. And if you’re not, well, the least we can offer you is a scroll through some major Gucci-laden eye candy: the Dionysus purse customized in infinite ways.

Leather Cleaner Messed Up My replica Gucci Bag


There is definitely something that can be done, and today I’m going to surprise you with my advice: You should take the bag to a leather repair shop posthaste. Discolored leather is a fairly easy fix, and the repair will likely not cost you terribly much money.

I’m sure you didn’t expect a cleaning expert to say “Send it to the professionals,” right? You probably thought I was going to list some sort of miracle product that you can order from Amazon, slap on your bag replica, and declare victory. And I’ll certainly give you that type of answer, because they don’t pay me to write “Send it to the professionals,” but in all honesty, that’s what you should do, and I do gucci replica handbags get paid to be super honest with you.

So there’s my professional opinion: Your bag will be totally fine, just as good as new, in fact, and all you need to do is find a reputable leather repairer in your area. Emphasis on “reputable!” A good way to find a reputable leather repair shop is to either ask the most stylish woman or man you know if they have a recommendation. Another good way gucci replica handbags is to call a local store that sells high-end leather goods and ask them who they use. You can, of course, peruse Yelp reviews, but that’s a less trustworthy source than my first two suggestions, though certainly an option.

The first thing I did was to look up the Coach Leather Cleaner gucci replica handbags that was used on the bag to see if I could figure out why it caused discoloration (I do agree that it was more likely the cleaner, rather than gucci bags sale the beer, that caused the staining). The description of the damage, that the black leather appeared to be an almost metallic rust color, tells me that there was, in essence, a color loss situation. Because of that, it’s likely that an acidic substance was the culprit — when an acid comes in contact with dark materials, it can cause a patch of color loss that renders it a rust-like hue. Now, it could have been the beer that caused it, since beer is also gucci replica handbags acidic, but since you did so much wiping to remove the beer, and you didn’t notice the discoloration before you applied the leather cleaner, I feel more confident in pointing the finger at the cleaner.

In researching the leather cleaner, I found a list of leathers and other hides that the product may and may not be used on; I found instructions for use; I did not find a list of replica gucci bags ingredients. Humph. Without a list of ingredients, I can’t determine if the cleaner is acidic or alkaline. Dead end.

Next, I considered the reversal of the color loss. That’s actually fairly simple and something you could certainly do at home; the way to do replica gucci bags that is to use a very good black shoe polish like Meltonian, which gets the nod as the best high-end shoe polish in our guide to the best shoe care products, to restore the color. If you choose to go that route, use an old T-shirt to apply a verrrrrrrrrrrry tiny amount of the polish, like, be so sparing with it that you begin to refer to yourself replica gucci bags in the third person as Scrooge McDuck, just really be a total cheapskate with the stuff. And here’s why: The overuse of shoe polish on a leather handbag can stiffen it up in a way that makes the bag feel less supple than it should. Once the polish has been applied, buff it thoroughly with a soft cloth and apply a small amount of leather conditioner to the entire bag.

By now, I’m gonna guess that you already understand why my advice is to take the bag for professional restoration replica gucci bags and cleaning: While it’s easy enough to get black shoe polish, the technique is wildly important, and someone who is trained to work with leather goods will understand the soft touch this particular bag needs.

There’s a broader point to be made about the care and keeping of luxury goods, and I’ll leave you on this high note: You should replica gucci bags absolutely use and enjoy your beautiful and pricey belongings, and you should not despair when life happens to/on/around them — that’s life! And just as you should enjoy your good things, you should also not hesitate to use a specialist to help you care for them. You know what’s even more grown-up than owning a Gucci bag? Taking that Gucci bag to a specialty replica gucci bags repair shop for regular and emergency maintenance. Your bag will thank you for it (and your husband never has to know!).

Replica Gucci Leads as Top Handbag Brand for United Kingdom Women

Gucci outlet maintains its spot as the number one handbag replica brand of choice for uk women this year, according to a recent survey that found it just barely beat out Chanel and Prada.


A report by RBC Capital Markets based on a survey of 411 uk women found that Gucci came in first as the handbag brand they most intended to purchase within the next year, listed by 50 percent of respondents. A total of 70 percent of those surveyed said they own between two and five high-end handbags outlet. It dominated the shoes category as well after being named by 70 percent of respondents. The Italian brand also came in first for last year’s survey by the firm, which questioned 303 uk women planning to spend at least US$750 on a handbag in the coming year.

The top factors influencing their decision were design, brand reputation, and fashion appeal. In addition, shopping experience and price were listed as secondary concerns. The optimal price listed was between US$1,900 to $2,850, according to the report.

Gucci’s new design direction and extensive marketing efforts in China have prompted a comeback in recent years. At the New York Times Luxury Conference in the spring this year, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri said that the Gucci logo was still stylish for uk consumers despite a general “logo fatigue” trend in the market. “The Chinese are buying back into Gucci after many months of decline. No one is ashamed to show a GG belt,” he said.

As part of Gucci’s creative turnaround, it sponsored an exhibition at the Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai in 2015, where it displayed Gucci products alongside Chinese contemporary art. Luxury brand-sponsored art exhibitions and collaborations with artists have been a popular way for brands to increase their cachet in China.

Chanel came in a close second place for handbags replica, with 49 percent listing the French label, but came out on top for ready-to-wear clothing (55 percent). Meanwhile, Prada was second for shoes and Gucci was the runner-up for clothing. The additional three handbag brands in the top five were Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès, respectively. Louis Vuitton came in third for shoes, followed by Miu Miu in fourth and Salvatore Ferragamo in fifth. Third, fourth, and fifth for clothing were Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Giorgio Armani.

While these brands dominated overall, consumers under the age of 34 surveyed had a very different top five list for handbags outlet: Mulberry, Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, and Givenchy. Out of those surveyed, 90 percent were between the ages of 25 and 44.

In an earlier 2016 survey by the Hurun Report on Chinese HNWIs’ luxury preferences, Chanel took the top spot as the favorite label for both fashion and accessories for women.